Best CDN plugin for WordPress

Provide your WordPress site with efficient and global CDN service

AgileCDN accelerates your WordPress site globally

CDN services minimize the distance between servers and users through geographic distribution. AgileCDN reduces page load time and response latency through its global nodes, significantly improving the user experience.

  • Reduce server response time

    With global nodes and intelligent routing, AgileCDN greatly reduces latency around the world and provides a better user experience for your Wordpress website.
  • Reduce page load time

    Our servers are close to your users, so all their requests are faster. The shorter distance means that we can serve more data per second to reduce page load times.
  • Reduce size of transferring files

    The Gzip compression algorithm significantly reduces files size. You can reduce the transfer time from 2.8 seconds to 1.9 seconds. Image file sizes can be compressed even more.

Optimize website speed to improve user experience

Faster speed make your SEO performance better

Many factors can affect search engine rankings and it is difficult to optimize for one particular ranking alone. To improve user experience and optimize rankings, good page loading and user experience can offer superior support for SEO.

  • Lower bounce rate

    A 20% reduction in page load time results in 9% decrease in users’ bounce rate
  • Increase session duration

    A 55% page load time improvement leads to 23% better session duration
  • Improve conversion rate

    A 0.1 second page load time improvement increases 10% conversion rate

WordPress plugin for easy CDN setup

AgileCDN WordPress plugin helps you install and setup CDN for your WordPress site

How to set up a CDN for WordPress site:

  • 1. Please keep AgileCDN is “Activate”
  • 2. Register for an account by clicking ”Don’t Get The Prefix? Register”
  • 3. Finish the 3 steps reinsertion process and activate your account
  • 4. Enter AgileCDN control panel, and you will get AgileCDN WordPress Prefix;
  • 5. Copy your prefix and back to AgileCDN plugin panel, enter your site URL and paste your WordPress Prefix, click “Enable AgileCDN” button to enable, and click “Save”.
  • 6. Once configure successfully, all static contents on your site will speed up globally. If you need more advanced settings, WAF, DDoS protection, please visit control panel and find more.

Choose the right type of CDN for your business