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Competitive prices around the world

Our flat rate packages provide global CDN for typical data volume. Choose your package plan.
Start your free package plan for individual and SMB accounts, 5GB free Traffic, and 50000 requests valid for 7 days.
2.99-8.99 USD
Validity 1 month
For people with personal or hobby projects that aren't business-critical
  • Free 0.0USD (Valid for 7days)
    1 CDN /5GB Traffic/50000 Requests
  • Basic 2.99USD
    1 CDN /50GB Traffic/500000 Requests
  • Standard 5.99USD
    1 CDN/120GB Traffic/1200000 Requests
  • Advanced 8.99USD
    1 CDN/200GB Traffic/2000000 Requests
Overage Traffic: 0.09USD/GB
Overage Request: 0.0048USD/10000 times
Small Business
9.99-35.99 USD
Validity 1 month
For a small business operating online
  • Free 0.0USD (Valid for 7days)
    1 CDN /5GB Traffic/50000 Requests
  • Basic 9.99USD
    2 CDN /200GB Traffic/200000 Requests
  • Standard 19.99USD
    2 CDN/500GB Traffic/5000000 Requests
  • Advanced 35.99USD
    4 CDN/1000GB Traffic/10000000 Requests
Overage Traffic: 0.09USD/GB
Overage Request: 0.0048USD/10000 times
Everything in Business
For companies requiring enterprise-grade service and performance
  • *Customization Service
  • *Advanced pricing
  • *Enterprise-grade performance and service
  • *More global PoPs
  • *Professional Support service
  • *And more
Included in all accounts
Origins Group
Cache settings
Content protection
Real-time analytics
Secure Token
Control Panel

Why AgileCDN

AgileCDN focuses on advanced CDN content distribution technology, covering 245 countries and regions, effectively improving access speed, Reducing response times, and providing a smooth user experience.

Globally uniform price, accurate billing
There is no geographical region distinction, no need to consider the price and fee of different regions, the cost management is more concise and easy, real-time fee billing, and significantly reduce the peak cost of traffic.
Support a variety of online payments, easy to manage
Provide a variety of payment methods to choose from, including Alipay, UnionPay card, international credit card, PayPal, Grabpay, offline remittance and so on.
Pay as you go, no fixed contract restrictions
Pay for your needs just by following up, and easily manage budget costs without a fixed package model.
Efficient and stable performance
Global 260+ Pop, covering 245 countries and regions, more than 300Tbps bandwidth capacity, 98% + hit rate, 1000+ ISPs direct connection.

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