Keep web simple, secure, and smart

Protect the website/application against various attacks, always up-to-date and safe.

Professional, stable, one-stop web application security solution

AgileCDN WAF solution provides the comprehensive and widely-used protection service that shelters your website/application from various application attacks. Our WAF network is always up-to-date, used in various applications and highly compatible with the cloud-based services you are using.

  • Automate vulnerability protection

    Automatically protect your website from the latest web vulnerabilities, no manual upgrade needed.
  • Customize WAF rules

    Customize flexible WAF protection rules according to actual business needs.
  • Accurately identify crawlers

    Based on multi-dimensional data such as behavior, features, and intelligence, you can set up data analysis to accurately and automatically identify crawlers.
  • All-scenario protection

    Applicable to all web bots monitoring in different scenarios, such as websites, HTML5, apps to shield your business.

No worry about data security and potential threat

After adding your website/application to AgileCDN, it will immediately resist any potential attacks such as generic injection and SQL injection.

Automatic updates to identify potential threats

AgileCDN updates the security database in real-time to detect new potential threats, and continuously updates the protection rules to safeguard your website/application from the latest web threats.

AgileCDN WAF protection process


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