What is a CDN?

How will it help your business grow?

CDN-Content Delivery Network

Most of the time, it is a set of linked servers that accelerate the delivery of data (photos, videos and scripts) back to the user. Normally, CDN servers are set as close as possible to the end users.

CDN brings popular content to cache servers where it is accumulated, temporarily stored (cached), and available in future requests.

Why does business need a CDN?

  • Content delivery faster

    A global network allows users to access the nearest node, providing faster services, latency reduction, and a better user experience.
  • Content security

    Allow restricted user access to the content and protects data assets.
  • Reduce server load

    Migrate the content to CDN nodes, effectively reducing pressure on the origin site.

How a CDN benefits your business?

  • Bring a better user experience

    Your customers will have a smooth, no-latency user experience in websites, online trading and games platforms. Good user experience will increase the satisfaction of your users so that they will likely to pay for your product or service and become loyal customers.
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses

    Relying on CDN services effectively reduces the load on servers. The CDN helps you to minimize the requirements for performance, server and network. A global network allows your services get to more user.

What kinds of business need CDN?

Choose the right type of CDN for your business