Reliable China content delivery solution

Load your website securely, improve website speed and boost reliability for users in China.

What is China access?

More than 90% of foreign websites do not work properly in China. Hosting your website in China can be a complicated, lengthy and often costly process. AgileCDN partnered with Mlytics to create a completely simplified solution for content delivery in China.

  • Easy deployment

    Active China CDNs with just a few clicks without any contract.
  • Intuitive management

    Monitor the performance of all CDNs and make adjustments on the fly.
  • All-in-one

    Activate and manage everything in one place, as easy as using a single CDN.

Delivers your website to users in China without an ICP license

Partnered with Mlytics, which provides trusted China focussed CDN vendors with PoPs located in South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and more to give you the best performance in China without having to acquire an ICP license.

Further enhance website performance for users in China

Access the best China CDNs and let the smart load balancing do the heavy lifting. This automated solution performs CDN optimization down to city-level in China, offering the most precise website experience tuning process possible.

Choose the right type of CDN for your business